We write this letter to serve as a reference for Rhonda Stone and the services she provides.

Caregiver's Hands

Ms. Stone was Case Manager for Ms. Lillian Stark for the past two years.  Ms. Stark was our aunt who resided in an Assisted Living facility in Tucson, Arizona.  The coordination of her care needs was provided by Ms. Stone until Ms. Stark’s demise on February 6, 2005.

Ms. Stone provided comprehensive services to our aunt, including but not limited to, money management, banking, shopping, coordination of medical care, transportation and communication with us but most of all heart. The latter refers to that quality which we all seek for those we love, but don’t always achieve.

Ms. Stone has been given our family’s award as our "Lady of Heart".  She had, over a two-year association with Ms Stark, repeatedly demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, sincerity, honesty and integrity.  There was never a moment of doubt as to her motives, actions or decisions regarding the well being of our Aunt Lillian.  She will continue to be an "honorary" member of our family.  We continue to be in touch and plan to visit with her in the years to come.

We reside in Richmond Heights, Ohio.  Long distance worry can be extremely wearing.  Having Ms. Stone "in our corner" provided us with a sense of calm assurance that Aunt Lillian was in the best of hands.  Should you care to contact us to answer any other questions you might have, do not hesitate to do so.

Lillian and Roy Schlachter
Richmond Heights, Ohio

Desperately in need of an expert to help straighten out our new apartment, we were advised by our daughter, a Family Physician, to interview several services.  Our choice was Rhonda Stone, MS, Personal Support Services whose motto is "Assistance during difficult times."

She turned in an outstanding performance on anything thing asked.  Always on time, she worked silently, quickly and efficiently.  She grasped any new concept thrown at her, remembered our desires and quirks and suggested worthwhile improvements.  She brought my filing system up to date, organized my office and did the same for my wife.  I considered her well worth her reasonable fee.

Should we ever get into a jam again, she is the first place we will go for help.  Feel free to contact us for further information.

Duval A. Edwards
Attorney, Retired
Tucson Arizona

In making a recommendation concerning Rhonda Stone and her organization saying very satisfactory would be making a major under statement.

For the last three years they have provided care for my elderly sister.  Being three states away this has been very meaningful.  At the outset she was living in a retirement home that had no assisted living service and she had reached a point where this was a need and I was fortunate to get Personal Support Services to setup in and make arrangements for her personal care and also administrative matters, main bills, Dr. appointments, etc.

The time came for my sister to move to an adult care home.  Rhonda worked with my sister’s doctor and provided me with a list, took me to see the homes so that I could make my choice.  They took care of the moving of my sister and her belongings to her new home and were the most helpful in clearing out her apartment.

At present they take care of her personal needs, clothing, appearance, etc.  Also they take her to appointments, pick up prescriptions, refer financial matters to me and fulfill any need that might arise.

R.W. Thomas
Belevue, Washington

Writing a letter of recommendation for Rhonda Stone is both an honor and pleasure because all of the elements fall delightfully into place.  I have tried to think of all the things I would expect to have in someone I might wish to employ.  These are Competence, Integrity, Loyalty and Appearance. Rhonda possesses all of these.  There is no doubt that she’s competent.  She has been keeping my books, balancing my checkbook and keeping track of bills to be paid and deposits to be entered.  She has never made an error!  She is completely loyal.  I have experienced her defending our position over a disputed bill and watched her deftly win.  As for integrity, she would’nt touch a penny that was not hers, One has to be dumb to do that and she is not dumb.

Rhonda has a happy disposition and it is a joy to be around her.  She wears becoming dresses and presents a fine appearance to the world.  In short, if one were contemplating hiring her.  I would move quickly because any one who is this good, can not long remain available!

Gilbert H. Buckman
Tucson Arizona

I would like to highly recommend Rhonda Stone and Personal Support Services, Inc.  I have known Rhonda for about four years now.  She has given support to many of the residents at Catalina Foothills Adult Care, the senior residence where my mother Helen Bernstein lives.  I have watched her very caring manner, her extreme sense of responsibility for every detail.  She goes beyond being dependable.  She brings her heart and soul to what she does.

That is why when I moved away from Tucson and was in need of someone who could take my mother to appointments safely and caringly, follow through with the physicians as needed and report accurately to the staff.  I also needed someone to give the power of attorney over mother’s health issues when I could not be present.  I was so grateful to have gotten to know Rhonda and see the very special care she gives to her clients.

Rhonda is an excellent communicator.  She follows up with me at every step.  She reminds me that she is taking mother to an appointment and follows up right after the appointment, She is wonderful!

I know that my mother will receive the best attention and care she can receive.  I highly recommend Rhonda.  You will feel very secure with your loved on under her watch.

Harriet Barker
Greer Arizona

Thank you so much for all you did for Irene and for me.  I realize you made a personal decision re: less monies and we thank you for your kind heartedness plus the many, many times you supported me.  Not having been back in the community that long, I was feeling like a duck out of water.  So truly thank you and God bless.

S Jane Sue